SS-WRC is a Specialty Lubricant used as Corrosion Protection, Rust Loosener & remover, Water repellent and Lubricant for metals and metal bonded parts.

Parameter Value
Appearance Light amber
Sp. Gravity 0.8 - 0.85 g/ml
Viscosity 3 to 5 mm2/s
Salt spray Test(Corrosion Protection) 10hr

Typical Values – Should not be considered as specifications.


• Excellent penetration in absorbent mineral building materials.
• Penetrates rust to protect metal & alloy surfaces and lift rust scale.
• Inhibits oxidation and galvanic corrosion.
• Forms a barrier on treated surfaces, preventing Water or corrosive agents from penetrating the surface.
• High resistance to acids, making it ideal to use in industrial environments, it also has a moderate alkali resistance.
• Prevent moisture and oxygen from contacting metal surfaces, preventing corrosion.
• Safe to use on rubber and other synthetic materials and will not cause perishing


Where ever possible remove any rust, scale or other surface coating. For best results apply to a clean and dry surface by brush, oil-can or spray can or hand-operated spray equipment. Can be packed in Aerosols. Allow SS WRC to penetrate into surface and for the carrier to completely evaporate before use. I.e. allow it to cure 24 hrs for best results.



  • Lubrication, corrosion protection and preservation of chassis, chains, body panels, mechanical parts, locks and engine mounts on forklifts, trucks, motorbikes, cars, trains and buses.

  • Aviation:
  • Prevention of corrosion and oxidization on parts, use as a general lubricant, provides excellent protection against corrosion in aircraft especially when used near corrosive environments such as the ocean.

  • Construction:
  • Use on all areas and equipment requiring protection against corrosion.

  • Domestic:
  • Tools, verandas, mowers, vehicles, sporting accessories and as a general purpose lubricant.

  • Electrical:
  • Prevention and protection from crystallization, verdigris creep, electrolysis and corrosion on items such as radios, communications, antennae, circuitry boards, switchgear, air conditioner units, ECU's, alternators and generators.

  • Industrial:
  • Machinery and parts corrosion protection and lubrication.
  • Lubrication of chains and other moving parts including container lifters and forklifts.

  • Marine:
  • Protects outboards, stern drives, winches, chains, cables, anchors, hulls, propellers, electrical and engine room components.
  • Lubrication and corrosion protection on winches, cables, anchors and anchor lockers. Corrosion inhibitor on all machinery, chains and cables.
  • Maintenance and corrosion control of hydraulic fittings, valves, pumps and engine room equipment.


    When stored bellow 20°C in the original unopened containers, SS WRC has a usable life of 20 months from the date of manufacturing. Supreme Silicones' SS WRC is unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles.


    Spray Can -Aerosol propellant: CO£.Pressurized container - protect from temperatures exceeding 50°C. Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material. Combustible.Before handling, read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and container labels for safe use, physical and health hazard information.