Silicone Concrete Admixture ( Aquarest WR 1400 ) is an integral strength enhancer Admixture and water reducer ideal for strengthening the concrete. Initially, it acts as a dispersing agent, ensuring complete hydration of cement particles prior to initiation of crystallization process. The action makes concrete cohesive and gives superior workability to concrete mixture. It slowly becomes aagglomerator and helps to form strong bond within cement particles. This ensures cohesive mass with higher degree of compaction leaving very little chance for voids. It ensures much stronger concrete.

Appearance Sp Gravity pH Chloride Content Diluent
Clear Liquid 1.0 to 1.1 6 to 7 Nil Water

Typical Values – Should not be considered as specifications.


• Being liquid easily homogenizes with concrete mixture and reduces water content by 30% and ensures cement: water ratio near to optimum.
• Prevents bleed of cement during casting.
• Imparts plasticity and increases workability of the concrete mixture and conserves steel reinforcement.
• Maintains workability of the concrete mixture for 5-6 hours after casting which gives sufficient time to finish the surface to required smoothness.
• The delay in initial setting helps in settling of the mass giving a concrete of higher density.
• Excess water is thrown out of concrete within six hours leaving requisite amount of water ensuring strong concrete.
• No water seepage even during the curing cycle reducing water wastage.
• Reduces capillary action, makes concrete crack free and gives superior finishing.
• Makes concrete watertight and increases the strength. Concrete formed is impervious to water hence does not need further waterproofing.