Mixture of Polydimethylsiloxane and Silicone dioxide. Simethicone USP is a 100% active, specially designed to be used in Pharma and Food Industry as antifoam. They are recommended for use as an ant flatulent in antacid preparations. Silicone antifoam for use in pharmaceutical and medical applications requiring foam suppression or inhibition.

Dimethicone B.P is a linear Polydimethylsiloxanes polymer containing repeating – (CH3)2-SiO- units, stabilized with trimethyl siloxane end blocking units. Dimethicones are used in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic applications. As a Dimethicones in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications can provide long lasting lubricant, smooth feel and spreads easily.

Activated Dimethicone I.P (Simethicone I.P) an active ingredient in many antacid, anti - flatulent preparations that causes small air bubbles in the intestines to coalesce and pass out easily. Can be easily incorporated into various Antacid - Anti Flatulent pharmaceutical formulations such as tablets & suspensions. It also finds its application in distilleries & food processing industries.