-Widely used in the finishing of all kinds of fibers such as cotton,hemp, silk, nylon,   polyester.
-Hydrophobing and moisture-proof treatment of, powders, glass,ceramic, leather,   paper, metal, cement and marble.
-Used as the cross linker for addition type silicone rubber series.
-Used as the basic material and a fundamental intermediate to silicone oil including   polyether modified silicone oil and alkyl based modifiedsilicone oil.
-Hydrophobing treatment of plasterboard and plaster blocks.
-Treatment for powders and granular materials to make them water repellent and   free flowing, and to reduce caking.


Appearance Sp Gravity 25°C Volatile content 110OC 1 hr H Content by Wt Viscosity by B5
Colorless 0.96 – 1.02 3%-4% 1.5 – 1.6 30-45 cPs

Typical Values – Should not be considered as specifications.


• Essentially non-toxic.
• Cures to give a durable film.
• Controls Cure times and temperatures .
• Can be diluted in solvents, for better dispersion.
• Effective at very low concentration.


SS RH 100 is usually applied from dilute solution. Solutions are prepared by diluting solvents like acetone or methyl ethyl ketone and stirring the mixture gently until it uniforms. The extent of dilution will depends on the surface to be treated and surface properties desired.


Coatings of SS RH 100 Fluid are usually heat cured to develop release properties or water repellency. Curing temperatures range from 120°C to 175°C. Curing times are much shorter at higher curing temperatures.Catalysts are often used to accelerate cure.


12 months in original container.


May evolve hydrogen gas in presence of catalyst and heat, when comes in contact with "HO-R" where R = alkyl , aryl , H , metal.
Catalysts :- Bases , acids, heavy metal salts, polar ionic salts ,certain transition metal salts. For safe use of product refer MSDS of product