SUPREME SILICONES SS MSF 0307 is an Alkyl-Aryl polysiloxane with excellent properties of lubrication at higher pressure and used as release agent for high temperature molding and extruding Aluminium die cast

Parameters Value
Appearance Clear transparent liquid
Viscosity 200 – 1000 cPs.
% Active Content 100
Specific Gravity 0.87 – 0.92

Typical Values – Should not be considered as specifications.


  • No smoking, breakdown, carbonization, buildup on molds and dies.
  • Forms heat stable film
  • Easily soluble in any proportion with mineral oil, chloro and hydrocarbons
  • Excellent properties of lubrication
  • Printability and
  • Good affinity with organic materials.
  • Non - Corrosive
  • Non-Reactive
  • Effective at lower concentrations
  • Effective at wide range of temperature


When stored below 45°C in the original unopened containers, SS MSF 0307 has a usable life of 24 months from the date of manufacturing


Product safety information required for safe use is not included. Before handling, read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and container labels for safe use, physical and health hazard information.