Mould Release Agent (SS EM -) is Silicone fluid emulsions which are inert, heat stable, non-toxic products, covers many industrial applications where lubrication, gloss, antistatic, protective and Release properties are advantageous.

Antifoam – Defoamer (SS AF -) is Antifoam Emulsion designed to provide optimum antifoam performance for general purpose and special pH conditions, combined with good dilution stability and good foam knock down performance.

Methyl Hydrogen Emulsion (SS ER -) is reactive methyl hydrogen emulsion especially designed for treating variety of substrates & fibers where water repellent or hydrophobic properties required.

Textile Softners ( SS SOF -) Amino Silicone Fluids Emulsions specially designed to provide excellent elastic properties, bounce, excellent softness, silky finish to variety of fabrics with durability and unique handle.

Shine – Polish Agent ( SS SP -) is specially designed Shine and Polish emulsions formulations which provides high Gloss and good adhesion to variety of surfaces .The active agent contained supports an easy polishing of the conditioner formulations and improves the brightness.

SS-HTF is Silicone fluids with reactive hydroxyl group in various viscosities having unique combination of properties, which give superior performance in a variety of applications. They are clear, colorless, and odorless. These fluids are manufactured in the viscosity range from 20 cps to 60000 cps. Intermediate viscosity grades are also available upon request.