Supreme Silicone's Water Repellent Exterior Coat (AQUAREST WR1000) is a solvent soluble fast curing 30 % to 50% reactive silicone,based on Silane and Siloxane, used for imparting a colorless water repellent surface finish to mineral construction material without significantly reducing water vapor permeability. It is suitable for coating painted surfaces too, as this does not impart any color change to the substrate.
WR 1000 forms an excellent weather coat for all types of cement and stone surfaces.
WR 1000 provides water repellence within 8 hour of application. The water repellence further improves over 48 hours after application.

Appearance Silane / Siloxane Viscosity @ 25°C by B5 Specific Gravity @ 25°C
Clear liquid 30% to 50% 100 - 300 (cPs) 0.90 – 0.95

Typical Values – Should not be considered as specifications.


• Excellent penetration in absorbent mineral building materials.
• Very good alkali resistance.
• Fast curing hence imparts water repellence soon.
• Neutral in nature, no color change to the substrate.
• Provides excellent water repellency.
• Easily dilutable by Mineral Turpentine Oil, Diesel,Aromatic & Chlorinated solvents.
• The pores and capillaries are not sealed and hence maintain breath ability while preventing water absorption.
• The coatings are UV stable and resistant to biological degradation.


AUQAREST WR1000 reacts with the atmospheric moisture, thereby generating active resin while liberating alcohol. The active ingredient gives excellent water repellency to the substrate without clogging the pores or capillaries and the substrate retains a very high degree of vapor permeability. WR 1000 should be diluted 1:5 (parts by weight). Suitable diluents are petroleum based solvents such as Mineral Turpentine Oil, Diesel, aromatic & Chlorinated solvents. The substrate should be air dry and absorbent. The diluted solution should be liberally applied one or two coats, depending upon porosity of substrate material. The solution can be applied by brush or spray. Ready to Apply product is Available.


When stored bellow 35°C away from direct Sun Light in the original unopened containers, WR 1000 has a usable life of 6 months from the date of manufacturing. As the product is Moisture sensitive avoid the exposure to moisture by keeping cap closed or top up it by solvent.


Product safety information required for safe use is not included. Before handling, read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and container labels for safe use, physical and health hazard information.