SS MSF 250 is a long chain alkyl modified Silicones with excellent properties of lubrication. The long chain alkyl modification enhances the hydrophobic character and the lubricity of the polymer.

SS OMS 391 is a non-hydrolytic copolymer of polysiloxane and polyether, developed to impart an excellent emulsifying ability, nucleation ability and foam stabilizing effect. It may be used as a formulation ingredient and is suitable for polyurethane foaming system with different blowing agent.

Silicone Polyether
(SS PEG 12 Dimethicone)

SS PEG 12D is a modified polysiloxane having excellent cosmetic worthy properties with uses in personal care industry.

Alkyl Aryl Modified
(SS MSF 307)

SUPREME SILICONES SS MSF 0307 is an Alkyl-Aryl polysiloxane with excellent properties of lubrication at higher pressure and used as release agent for high temperature molding and extruding Aluminium die cast.

SS OMS 250 Master Batch is an Organo-Modified Silicones (OMS) with excellent properties of surface tensions used for surface treatment of inorganic fillers and any pigments used in thermoplastic formulations. Used in the formulation of master batches as liquid dispersing additive.

Modified Silicone Used for surface treatment of in-organic fillers, in-organic & organic Pigments & dyes as dispersion & wetting agent.

OMS 280 Silicone copolymer primarily used in Paints,Iink and Coatings formulations to eliminate cratering, improve slip, anti-blocking and flow. It also prevents separation problems like pigment floating, flooding, silking and provides mar resistance. Maintains uniform pigment dispersion