SS-SF are Silicone fluids (also called as Silicone Oils) which are available in various viscosities having unique combination of properties, which give superior performance in a variety of applications.

Silicone Oils are clear, colorless, odorless and inert Dimethyl Polysiloxane. These fluids are manufactured in the viscosity range from 10 cps to 60000 cps. Intermediate and lesser viscosity are also available upon request.

SS-SF Silicone fluids are soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents and aromatic solvents. They have limited solubility in other solvents (Solubility here depending on viscosity).

If required, Supreme Silicones will provide emulsification process along with emulsifier

Appearance Viscosity csp @ 25°C Volatile % @ 150°C, 1 hr R.I. @ 25°C Flash Pt. Open Cup (°C) Specific Gravity @ 25°C
Clear Color Less Liquid 10 to 60000 <2 1.405 to 1.409 > 220 0.96 − 0.98

Typical Values – Should not be considered as specifications.


LOW VISCOSITY / TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT:They exhibit a smaller degree of change over a wider temperature range than petroleum oils.

THERMAL STABILITY: Silicone fluids show excellent stability when exposed to high temperatures. They are stable from -40°C to 200°C for extended periods and can exceed this for short periods.

OXIDATION STABILITY: The oxidation stability of these fluids is excellent up to 200°C where slugging is eliminated that occurs with mineral oils above 150°C.

CHEMICAL INERTNESS: They are chemically inert to most common materials.

LOW FLAMMABILITY: Flash point is in the range of 250°C to 300°C and auto ignition temperature is ranging from 438°C to 460°C.

LOW SURFACE TENSION: It have unusually low surface tensions that provide easy and efficient spreading, high surface activity and low internal cohesive energies.

SHEAR STABILITY: The shear stability of such fluids can be as much as twenty times that of quality petroleum oils.

DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES: Electrical grade silicone fluids offer excellent dielectric properties that are maintained for prolonged periods, even under adverse operating conditions.


It is recommended that normal safety precautions be taken while handling the product. The material should be stored in original containers in a cool place and protected from direct exposure to sunlight.


These products are neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses.