Amino functional alkoxy silane (11) - Coupling agent to improve adhesion of many plastics, resins and elastomersto inorganic materials and surfaces. Additive for foundry resins.

Diaminofunctional silane (20) - Coupling agent for many thermoset and thermoplastic resins with glass or mineral fillers, for clay reinforced elastomers such as natural and nitrile rubber, mineral reinforced nylon 6, nylon 6/6. used as mineral binders in foundry and abrasive composite applications

Methracrylate functional alkoxysilane (30) - coupling agent to improve adhesion of free radical cured resins, such as polyester, to inorganic surfaces, including fiberglass, clay, quartz, and other siliceous materials. Also resin additive in mineral-reinforced polyester resin.

Glycidoxy (epoxy) functional methoxy silane ( 40 ) - Coupling agent to improve adhesion of organic resins to inorganic surfaces.

Alkoxy Silane (methyltrimethoxysilane) - Silane is used to make inorganic surface hydrophobic.

Octyltriethoxysilane (70) - treating a variety of substrates to impart water repellency and compatibility with organics

Vinyltrialkoxysilane (630) - coupling and crosslinking agents for rubber compounds, reinforced/filled plastics, polyethylene